Application Security Audit

  • Web Application Security

    In general, Web application permit online visitors to utilize the most utmost resources of a web application or website, i.e., web server and database server. Undeniably, developers leverages a major amount of time on the characteristics and functionality, but very little is deployed for taking the absolute measures for security for web application. It often takes places due to less or insufficient know-how about the security assessment by developer, But it's extremely imperative. A justifiable Security assessment on web application brings out the major susceptibilities in your web application. The prime motive behind conducting this assessment is report the vulnerabilities assessed.

Our belief on Security Web Application is

From Business Perspective

All the susceptibilities are thoroughly scrutinized, acknowledged and referred as per probable harm that could have happened if they were conquered.

From Professional Perspective

A proficient and knowledgeable consultant will evaluate the security situation of your critical web server and data base server.

We at Checkways, hold the renowned methodology incorporated on the OWASP Testing Guide for assessing thorough checks on web application. Open Web Application Security Project Guide determines our standards for conducting a systematic check in the Web application security audit. We at Checkways utilize a blend of mechanized scans (with Open Source) and commercial tools; apply by a confirmation and a profound inquiring of the web application by a knowledgeable consultant.

Mobile Application Security Testing

  • There is a massive app-craze conquering Indian consumer internet world. The Time has gone when people used pc and desktops for solving each and every internet needs, now mobile application has been revolutionizing the app world. With this app craze ruling the consumers mind, more and more entrepreneurs and business owners are turning towards mobile based application for interacting with its users and enhancing their profits.

    Mobile Application Security Testing Service offers a comprehensive protection assessment of your tablet or phone based application. This meticulous testing will be conducted by an well-equipped knowledgable security professionals, which characteriscally unfolds much more issues In than any mechanized tests alone.

At the end, a systematic detailed reports will be provided with the few effective traits including the deep analysis of problem identified, the probable answers, as well as recommendations for enhancing the security of application.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing are nothing but two different names utilized for the same process. These are two different kinds of testing, which have different strengths and does actually united to attain more effective vulnerability testing.

    Vulnerability assessment gears, find out the susceptibilities which are existing, but they do not distinguish among errors that can be exploited to cause damage and those that can not.

    Where Vulnerability scanners aware companies about the already existing problems and locations of their codes, Penetration test strive to exploit these vulnerabilities in a system to conclude whether unlawful access is possible in the system or not. Moreover Penetration tests also find out, which error in the code poses a major threat to the application.

Basically a penetration threat is meant to exemplify how devastating a problem could be in the real situation rather than finding every single flaw in a system. Collectively, both Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing tools, offers a true detailed picture of the errors that resides in an application and the risks linked with those flaws.

Ethical Hacking Training/Workshop

  • Undeniably, Ethical hacking has become a prominent tool in many national and international security agencies, and even startups and companies. An Ethical hacker is someone who attempt to break networks or computer systems in the same manner and actions utilized by an evil hacker. The main purpose of the ethical hacker is benevolent, is to help the company in taking pre-emptive procedures against malevolent attacks by attacking the system by his own, while staying in the legal limits.

    For becoming a successful Ethical hacker, one must keep thinking ingeniously, that in order to catch a thief.

Checkways is continuously devoted in bringing up the effective and specifically designed Ethical Hacking Training/ workshops to the aspiring Hacking and Cyber Security Enthusiasts.

Our devoted workshops will surely facilitates them in manifold ways. For getting more information about the forthcoming workshops, drop us a mail. One of our professional representatives will surely get in touch with the absolute plan of the workshop.

It's time to become the best.